Tradeshow Staffing

Have you ever wondered why your booth was slow while you neighbors seem to have all of the traffic? Or do you have a ton of traffic in your booth, but you failed to get the leads? Let Event Models and Talent show you the secret to success. Having paid professionals in your booth to assist you with your marketing efforts will increase your ROI while decreasing the amount of time your sales reps are left handing out brochures and scanning badges so they can spend time with their valuable customers. Furthermore, using a local professional who can qualify the leads that you can send to your reps immediately after the show is the professional solution. Having all the sales reps on the tradeshow floor significantly increases the amount of time it takes your sales team to follow up on the lead which could result in lost business. Let our local professionals described below help make your next tradeshow a huge success!

Our experienced tradeshow hosts/hostesses and facilitators will assist you with making sure your booth gets noticed, guarantee that all guests are greeted and given your promotional materials, help to facilitate the traffic flow, collect leads, serve food and beverages and ensure that your guests have stopped by the important stations that you have created throughout the booth.

Our accomplished narrators, presenters and product demonstrators are experts at quickly learning about your company in order to accurately communicate to your guests the importance and benefits of your products and services. Let one of our skilled spokespersons present your company through a detailed product demonstration or an engaging stage presentation.

You have spent a lot of money to have a professional speaker in your booth yet your theatre is empty. Hiring a professional crowd gatherer to create the buzz and let the traffic know the time and topic of your presentation is key! They set up the theater prior to each show and scan all badges immediately following the presentation. Not only have you captured their attention with your engaging presentation, but now you have captured their information, too!

Do you think you might have some international guests and you want to make sure they are properly greeted, given information about your company and can communicate any questions they might have in their native language? Let us provide you with a multi-lingual Interpreter. You do not want the language barrier to prevent you from conducting business or closing a big deal on the show floor!

Maybe you really want to turn heads by hiring a friendly costume character to attract guests and allow them to take photos with this noticeable attraction in your booth. We guarantee that these characters will draw in the crowds and each guest that visits your booth with leave with the memory of a photo from your company.

More talent options we can provide you with for your booth include magicians, fortune tellers, celebrity look-alikes and impersonators, bartenders, black jack dealers, dancers, chefs, show girls, DJ, massage therapists and many more! Rest assured that we will go above and beyond to provide you with outstanding talent, unique ideas and excellent customer service for your next tradeshow.

At Event Models and Talent, results come standard.

Live Event Talent

From models, emcees, social media hosts, corporate presenters (Ear-prompter proficient) and brand ambassadors all the way to specialty acts that are sure to make your event a stand-out success.

Tradeshow Booth Facilitators

Our database has the most experienced and knowledgeable booth hostesses, product demonstrators, crowd gatherers, lead generators and corporate presenters in the business to take your booth to the next level.

Specialty Talent

Our large talent database covers a diverse spectrum of talents- Costume characters, Multi-lingual interpreters, celebrity look-a-likes, caricature artists, dancers, showgirls, origami artists and magicians are only a few of our wide range of specialty talent represented.

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